A Double Patch Of Zsa Zsa's Bra

by Zsa Zsa's Bra

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As of this writing, the whereabouts of the band Zsa Zsa's Bra are unknown.

Some say they've learned French as well as Latin and circle the outskirts of Montreal chanting
"concordia salus". Others insist their van exploded in Laconia NH and/or plunged into the Atlantic,
Pacific or Arctic Ocean. Or one of the Great Lakes. A few, when plied with beer and such, will
hoarsely whisper that the band had dabbled in the Black Arts and were taken by dark forces while
camping near a Ren Faire.

That's certainly a lot of rumor about a group whose members refused to be named. Or whose output
pretty much consists of these two original tunes--however awesome they may be.

Some wags full of Dutch courage say the band never existed beyond the fever dream of some dude
with cheap keyboards and a cassette 4-track. Others drunker still will bray on how the drummer
was a cyborg Sasquatch damaged in battle with an atomic Yeti, then found by his future bandmates
and refashioned together using genuine Harley Davidson parts.

What of any of this is true is yet to be seen. No one can say except these two songs remain to be

Cardell MacLinney,
Saskatchewan president-secretary of the Brothers Z (aka Fans of the Bra)
May 2012


released May 30, 2012

Recorded in Lad's Domain, Allston MA, October 1990.

Co-produced by Zsa Zsa's Bra and K. R. Seward.

©1990 Kevin R. Seward



all rights reserved


KR Seward New Bedford, Massachusetts

An aggregate of noises, voices & notions since 1982. A whole mess of tunes written. More recently eschewing classic song form, looking to raise a ruckus.

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